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What's New #2: Easily drop in your affiliate links!


1 min read

An exciting release! This release brings in new features that helps to make ShopNote different from other blogging platforms.

  • Affiliate links! It's now possible to create affiliate links
  • Affiliate links can be dropped into your post content easily. Should you wish to update your links in the future, there's no need to edit the post. It's all done automatically!
  • All affiliate links are cloaked by default
  • Clicks on your affiliate links are also tracked
  • Link easily to other content on your site within posts
  • Similarly to affiliate links, if you change the post slug, it automatically updates the link
  • Posts now show an estimated reading time.
  • Each site automatically generates a sitemap of your visible posts, and a robots.txt file, helping out with your SEO.
  • The homepage blog feed has had a change of design

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