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What's New #1. Blogging at its most basic.


1 min read

In the spirit of keeping things "MVP", we've kept our first release super simple.

  • Create your own site. It's simple right now, but every site has a homepage that lists all of your visible posts as well as individual pages for each post.
  • Choose your own ShopNote subdomain (e.g
  • Or hook up your own custom domain
  • Support for basic SEO meta data such as page titles and meta descriptions
  • Posts have support for markdown and custom thumbnail images.
  • You can also add chapters to your posts to make it easy for users to scan, and jump to, the content they want!
  • Choose whether posts are visible or hidden. And pin your featured posts to the top of the homepage!
  • Track how many times your pages are viewed!

This release sets the foundation for ShopNote. And we're working hard to get a release ready for you to try.

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