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Affiliate marketing link cloaking. What is it, and why is it important for your site?

Link cloaking. It sounds sneaky and deceptive. But it’s a legitimate way to transform your links into something more manageable. And it provides a range of benefits for your affiliate marketing site and your readers.

Read on to find out exactly what it is, why you should be using them, and how you can start cloaking your affiliate links for your website.


Link cloaking provides a whole range of benefits to your user and your affiliate marketing site. It turns long, complicated, ugly URLS into something shorter thats easy to remember and easy to share.

As a result, it builds trust with your user, protects your affiliate tracking and makes it easier to manage.

If you’re still looking for an affiliate marketing blogging platform for your affiliate marketing site, why not try out ShopNote. It has a 30 day free trial and has link cloaking built in for all users.

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