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Create a site that is user, and search engine, friendly

A great user experience creates a site your audience will love to visit – and revisit.

And a site that is optimised for search engines will help boost your ranking on search engine results.

ShopNote has a range of tools to help you to improve your site for your audience and search engines.

Pages are semantically structured, it's easy to drop in internal links to other pages, and you can add in meta data without the need for a plugin.

Title tags, headings and meta data

Titles, headings and meta data all play an important role in SEO.

Title tags are a factor in page ranking and good meta descriptions can boost click-through rates on search engine results pages.

ShopNote allows you to write your own title tags and meta data, without the need for any plugins. Create eye catching titles and descriptions that target keywords easily.

And with ShopNote, every page is built with search engines in mind. Pages are automatically structured using heading tags and adhere to best practise technical SEO.

We've also added a few extra helpful tools, such as the character count to ensure your page title doesn't get cut off in search results!

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Fast page speeds

A slow site frustrates users and causes them to abandon your site. That's why it's so important to have a site that loads quickly and is fast to navigate. It also plays a role in your SEO.

ShopNote is optimised to create rapid page speeds. Images are optimised and pages render near instantly to create a slick user experience.

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Mobile first experience

With the majority of web browsing taking place on mobile, it's important that a site is built from the start with mobile browsers in mind. Mobile experience is also a key factor in how your site ranks in search engines.

ShopNote handles this automatically. Links are easy to tap, text is easy to read and content is laid out to create a great browsing experience.

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Easy internal linking

Linking to internal pages not only keeps users on your site for longer, but helps search engine crawlers to discover more of your content.

With ShopNote's rich content editor, you can easily link to other pages in your site without the need to copy and paste URLs.

And if you ever need to change the url of that page, ShopNote will automatically update the links in your posts and pages.

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